With over 20 years of combined consulting and industry experience, including more than a decade dedicated to Aerospace, Nicolas brings a wealth of expertise in program and operations enhancement. Notably, he led the seamless takeover of a significant overseas civil program through a joint venture, meticulously handling every phase from Confidential Due Diligence to Post Closing Integration.

Nicolas played a pivotal role in ensuring the industrial ramp-up of a rapidly expanding program, showcasing a commitment to operational excellence. Additionally, he successfully led an end-to-end inventory project, optimizing cash flow management across major OEM civil programs. Nicolas's contributions extend to supporting major OEMs in rightsizing programs and operations after a substantial rate reduction. His journey began in restructuring, where he honed skills in financial analysis, business planning, and cash-flow modeling to provide invaluable support to bankruptcy receivers.

Key Engagements:

  • Led complete major overseas civil program take-over (JV) including Confidential Due Diligence,
  • Signing to Closing preparation to Post Closing Integration
  • Large project to secure Industrial ramp-up of a fast-growing program
  • End-to-end inventory project (cash) across major OEM civil program
  • Supported major OEM’s programs and ops rightsizing following a steep rate reduction