Greg Huitson-Little works with clients and their legal advisers on the financial and quantum aspects of litigations and disputes, providing advice throughout the litigation process. This includes during the pre-action stages, assisting clients who are considering whether to bring a case, undertaking early assessments to identify where losses may lie, providing advice in relation to information and evidence that may be required all the way through to detailed assessment of losses and the preparation of independent expert evidence for use in court or arbitration.

He has 19 years of specialist experience, has testified before arbitration tribunals and given written evidence to the High Court, and has extensive experience in preparing expert evidence for use in court or before arbitral tribunals.

Greg’s experience covers a range of industries and litigation forums. His predominant practice sits within the quantum aspects of commercial litigation: assessing loss of profits or changes in value, damages under breaches of contracts and damages under breaches of warranty.

Greg has a particular interest in transaction-related disputes (including completion accounts and determinations), and in intellectual property disputes particularly concerning infringements and the value of intellectual property assets.

One of the most accessible and deep-thinking experts I have worked with

Greg is not shy to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in

Who's Who Legal: Expert Witnesses - Arbitration 2023

Commended as a "very bright and detail-orientated" expert who enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market

Who's Who Legal: Consulting Experts - Financial Advisory and Valuation - Quantum of Damages 2022

User-friendly, measured, thoughtful and articulate

He produces very persuasive and succinct expert reports

Who's Who Legal: Expert Witnesses - Arbitration 2022

Greg studied mathematics at St John’s College, Oxford, graduating in 2002 with a 2.1 Master of Mathematics honours degree. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Greg started his professional career in audit and accountancy for small and medium enterprises and for owner-managed businesses, and transitioned to forensic accounting in 2005, initially within one of the Big Four prior to joining AlixPartners in 2016.