Edward is an entrepreneurial executive with success in defining and leading digitally accelerated business-model, product, pricing, customer, channel, sales, and marketing innovation with a focus on software and technology services companies.

Clients benefit from Edward’s harnessing of the power of innovation to drive sustained competitiveness, superior business results, and improved social outcomes by means of the definition and execution of digital innovation strategies, integrated solutions, and innovation partnerships. Edward’s innovations drive positive socioeconomic impacts on ecosystems at the corporate, institutional, social, community, and individual levels.

In their more than 20 years of experience, Edward has engaged with leading management consulting firms such as PwC and Kearney and led digital consulting practices at Gartner, Avasant and NTT DATA.

Edward has earned advanced degrees in Business Administration, Law and Engineering. They are a prolific author and speaker on harnessing ethical innovation for the common good, Head of Research at TechPACT, an organization committed to driving equity in technology, and co-author of the Amazon bestseller Digital Singularity: A Case for Humanity.