Dean brings four plus decades of cybersecurity experience to the firm. All aspects of a problem set are within his scope. From delivering designs and services to responding to threats, Dean has been engaged in cybersecurity for more than 48 years.

Whether managing delivery teams or leading technology firms that are responding to new threats or establishing new capabilities, he has been instrumental in responding to global events for both commercial and government clients globally. Dean has served in chief technology officer (CTO) and chief security architect roles for a variety of organizations ranging from successful venture funded start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Dean is a veteran of the US Navy.

Key engagements:

Served as CTO for a cryptographic platform company developing and delivering secure library functions through industrial/automotive/aerospace platforms

Served as CTO Cybersecurity for a global IT outsourcing company delivering best-in-world managed-security-service-provider solutions; developed some of the first secure large-scale virtualized services for both commercial and government entities, as well as participating in global intelligence gathering operations

Served as CTO for a leading-edge identity-based access control solution to include the world’s first identity virtualization platform. Testified to Congress on HSPD-12 adoption issues

Served as chief security architect for the world’s first effective application layer gateway security solutions; formed the basis of the Citrix NetScaler application security functions

Participate in Defense Industrial Base (DIB) investigations, provide technical support to various US and International intelligence gathering and remediation of global events.

Provided expert witness testimony on various cybersecurity issues as well as forensic examinations related to identity and espionage both commercial and government.