Sunny has 11 years of combined work experience in private equity and technology industries before joining AlixPartners' Performance Improvement practice in 2022. He is committed to help clients' on various matters ranging from EBITDA improvements, merger and acquisition advisory, to strategy implementation.

Sunny is a solid problem solver. He truly understands the dynamic of each problem, asks the right questions, and considers the practicality of each recommendation.

At AlixPartners, he led the EBITDA improvements of a photography company, implemented R&D organization restructuring plan for a leading SaaS firm, and advised post-merger organization of a telecommunication operator. His prior achievements before joining AlixPartners include turnaround of $600-million Chromebook business in North America to profitability, grew North America workstation market share to achieve market leadership, and completed the divestment of brick-and-mortar bookstore chain at market premium.

In his free time, Sunny is an expert in landscape photography.