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Keita is an expert in economic analysis with regard to regulation and litigation matters such as antitrust, transfer pricing, and economic damages cases. He has more than 12 years' experience as a professional economist with involvement in many merger cases in various industries, among other regulation and litigation cases. Keita also has experience in cross-border cases in which he served as economist for Japanese companies. As an economic consultant, he conducted economic analyses for private companies to identify crucial evidence in support of clients' claims. From April 2012 to March 2014, he led the economic analysis team of the merger division of the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, where he reviewed the merger submissions and conducted economic analyses in major merger cases as chief investigator.

福永 啓太


福永啓太 ディレクター。独占禁止法、損害額算定、国際移転価格などの規制や訴訟に関する経済分析の専門家。実務の場における経済分析専門家として12年以上の経験を有する。様々な産業の数多くの企業結合審査事案や規制および訴訟事案に関与してきた。民間部門での専門家として経済分析コンサルティングを行ってきたほか、2012年4月から2014年3月にかけては公正取引委員会企業結合課の経済分析チームを率い、届出書のレビューや主要な事案における経済分析の実施に携わった経験を有す。東京大学卒。アイオワ州立大学博士号取得(農業経済学)。

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