Our global economics consulting practice specializes in antitrust/competition, public policy and regulation, and securities and finance, by providing clients with expert advice and testimony in high-stakes litigation, investigations, regulatory matters and commercial disputes.

Our deep bench of testifying experts support both private clients and regulatory agencies and have extensive experience on both claimant and defendant sides in litigation matters. We are highly experienced in developing robust and practical analysis and presenting it in a clear and compelling manner to courts and regulatory agencies. We provide an independent view based on rigorous, fact-based economic evidence.

Our multinational and multilingual team draws on their expertise in the disciplines of economics, finance and statistics. We also harness the skillsets of the wider AlixPartners business, including forensic accounting, data analytics, and industry expertise, enabling us to provide greater insight and assistance to our clients. We regularly collaborate with academic affiliates, both supporting their testimony in courts and in front of regulatory authorities, as well as working with them as part of the consulting team.

How we can help

Antitrust and Competition

We work on the full spectrum of antitrust and regulatory issues, combining insights from the latest thinking in economic theory with empirical evidence using sophisticated economic tools.  

Our experts have extensive experience addressing issues of market definition, market power, competitive effects, damages, and class certification. Our talented team brings a proven track record of delivering insights and clarity on the central questions in mergers, regulatory actions, market investigations, and all phases of antitrust litigation. Within litigation, we have expertise in both corporate litigation and class actions.  


Class Actions

AlixPartners has extensive experience applying rigorous and fact-based economic analysis to issues pertaining to class actions throughout all stages, from class certification, through merits, to settlement or trial. Our experience includes class actions in the areas of antitrust and competition, false and misleading advertising, financial products and services, consumer products and others. 

Our experts assist clients by providing analysis of class certification issues such as commonality and typicality, class member conflicts, causation, class-wide damages, common injury, and methods of proof.

We leverage our deep experience in compiling large, complex datasets from transaction-level records and other company data. We synthesize our understanding of actual consumer and firm behavior in the industry, relevant economic and finance theory, and relevant empirical research to develop robust, fact-based analyses and testimony responding to the issues of class actions. 


Public Policy & Regulation

When considering public policy intervention or market reform, governments and regulatory agencies need to carefully analyze the markets concerned to determine whether intervention is appropriate (for example, if there is a form of market failure), and to consider the likely impact of different forms of proposed intervention. Our expert economists assist government agencies, regulators, and companies that are affected by the proposed regulations to rigorously analyze the markets and evaluate the likely effects of intervention.


Securities & Finance Economics

AlixPartners assists a wide variety of market participants and regulatory bodies by providing a deep understanding of financial markets, delivering world-class data analytics, and acting as independent experts in every aspect of complex financial investigations and litigation. Specifically, we assist clients with: 

  • Class actions involving securities, derivatives, and investment vehicles 
  • Market conduct issues (insider trading, market manipulation, fraud) 
  • Regulatory enforcement/legal actions 
  • Financial contract disputes 
  • Complex financial asset valuations 
  • Trading and market event reconstruction 
  • Expert testimony on merits and damages 

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Meet the team

AlixPartners’ professionals work closely with several Academic Affiliates who bring deep subject matter expertise in niche areas of economics, financial accounting, and corporate governance. Learn more about our Academic Affiliates.