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Kenny Yao has more than 10 years of industry and consulting experience in the areas of procurement, supply chain, operations optimization, and corporate strategy. Focusing on the consumer goods sectors, Kenny has helped many clients improve their procurement and supply chain strategies as well as identify and realize operations optimization opportunities. Prior to joining AlixPartners, he was in the telecommunication and semiconductor manufacturing industries. Kenny has MBAs in finance from National University of Singapore. He speaks native Chinese (Mandarin) and is fluent English.

姚侃 Kenny Yao


姚侃在采购优化、供应链运营和企业战略方面拥有14年的行业和咨询经验。从2010年至今,他曾为多个国内外的消费品客户提供采购优化和供应链战略改善方面的咨询服务,帮助他们识别出和实现了运营效益提升机会。 在加入艾睿铂之前,他还拥有电信和半导体制造行业的工作经验。


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