Kinks in the supply chain can quickly undermine a company’s operations, which depend on timely and price-sensitive delivery of materials and goods.

Meanwhile, procurement and sourcing make up a huge piece of a company’s cost structure—typically anywhere between 40% and 80%. Doing this work well is vital. Effective management and efficiency in this space translate directly to profit improvements, while strong purchasing capabilities are a vital contributor to both shareholder value and competitive differentiation. 

We help companies achieve a competitive edge by launching aggressive programs to streamline supply chains from product development and management, designing global supply chains (from manufacturing to delivery), improving manufacturing efficiency, and speeding up procurement savings. These transformations are enabled by new technology, including AI tools and platforms, and underwritten with deep knowledge of how the pieces come together.

How we can help

Supply-Chain Strategy

We unlock value in improving and designing end-to-end supply chains with a focus on resilience and optimal value flow.

Sourcing & Procurement

We address complex sourcing and procurement issues based on our deep industry experience and the application of proven, leading-edge frameworks and levers aimed at practical, realistic identification and delivery of tangible, sustainable bottom-line impacts.


We improve plant performances and (re)-design global manufacturing networks, including plant closures and production ramp-ups of new products or facilities. 

Logistics & Transportation

We work across the supply chain to help shippers achieve sustainable savings, service providers improve scalable profitability, and investors reduce risk.

Global Trade Optimizer™

AlixPartners’ Global Trade Optimizer™ (GTO) is a proprietary big data and analytics platform that helps companies to identify and mitigate global trade, sourcing, and supply-chain costs and risks. GTO™ can offer 5-15% in COGS improvement with additional benefits in lost sales capture and working capital improvements, all within 4-6 months of execution support. 

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Smart Factory

AlixPartners' practical approach to Smart Factory begins with delivering P&L and ESG impact on the plant floor within months, not years. We help companies quickly deploy next-generation technologies across their manufacturing network to increase productivity, reduce waste and drive significant savings.

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