Luca Signorelli Director AlixPartners, LLP
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Luca Signorelli



An experienced operator and manager, Luca helps transform retailers of all shapes and sizes. By aligning in-depth analytics with practical business judgement, he has dramatically improved profitability and increased sales for his clients. From store network design and store operations to merchandising and inventory strategies, Luca’s holistic approach enables him to revitalize core processes, teams, and infrastructures. Understanding a company’s DNA is key to Luca’s approach. Through that understanding and by supporting clients to get out of their comfort zones, Luca is able to reenergize retailers collaboratively. With an exceptional track record of weaving technologies into recommendations that improve accuracy, create new capabilities, and reduce costs, Luca’s experience is an asset to his clients. Prior to AlixPartners, Luca held various roles at a Fortune 100 retailer, includes inventory management, operations, and strategy development.

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