Small shudders in the economy quickly ripple through retail, as consumers adjust their decisions about what to buy and how.

They may only be a click away from a purchase, but consumer behavior and the retail winds at large are driven by in-store experiences, supply chain logistics, inventory, pricing strategy, retail media and messaging, and brand loyalty.

Retailers are pressed to meet customer, supply, and overhead pressures but struggle to translate investments in product and process to profitable growth.

The entire ecosystem has been impacted, from manufacturers to retailers to landlords, luxury to mass, and every touchpoint in between. Winners in this landscape need a smart sourcing strategy, agile operations, and smart uptake of tech like artificial intelligence (AI) if they are to stick around to serve the next consumer profile. We cover all those areas and more.

Our deeply experienced and hands-on retail team has deep experience—including in industry roles—and works alongside you to guide and support your transformation. We advise on critical challenges like digital strategy, sourcing, supply chain, stores, and marketing, and we track consumer sentiment and emerging solutions so that you have intel in real time. We help to drive company-wide transformations, fully updating operating models for the digital-first era.

Our approach to profitable growth

We work across the retail ecosystem to optimize operations and transform organizations for the digital-first era.

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