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Tomoyuki Suzuki

Managing Director


Tomoyuki has more than two decades of experience in management consulting and in global business. His primary strengths are performance improvement, M&A, and holistic turnaround, including financial revitalization and organizational change for clients in the automobile, manufacturing, machinery, IT, healthcare, and technology, media, and telecommunications sectors. As a result of his experience, Tomoyuki has deep professional and hands-on expertise to help clients achieve their goals. Prior to joining AlixPartners, he was with Hitachi Consulting as a management consultant and successfully led various projects by applying strong analytical skills and a team player mind-set. Tomoyuki has MBAs from both Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Waseda University in Tokyo.

鈴木 智之


鈴木智之 マネージングディレクター。経営コンサルティングと事業会社において事業の海外展開において20年以上の経験を有す。業績改善、M&A、全社的な構造改革/ターンアラウンド支援を強みとし、特に自動車、製造業、機械、IT、TMT、ヘルスケア企業における財務改善や組織構造改革で豊富な経験を有す。アリックスパートナーズ入社前は、日立コンサルティングにて各種プロジェクトを率いた。南オレゴン州立大学コンピュータサイエンス学士号取得、シンガポールNanyang Technological Universityおよび早稲田大学にてMBA取得。

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