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Yichao Zhang

Hong Kong


Yichao is a seasoned consultant who has focused on advanced manufacturing and digital sector for over 15 years. He is very good at using his combined capabilities in strategy consulting, digital transformation, and M&A support to provide customers with end-to-end services, helping traditional or cross-industry client to transformation its business and create value.

Yichao has served a wide spectrum of clients within advanced manufacturing industry including OEMs, suppliers, mobility service providers, pharmaceutical, etc. He also serve PEs and corporates with transaction advisory including due diligence, PMI, etc.

Prior to joining AlixPartners, Yichao was a partner in EY-Parthenon. He also has working experience in Roland Berger, Accenture and a Chinese digital start-up.

Yichao always believe consultant is like craftsman, whose skill comes from senior colleagues and real projects. During his career, on top of a consultant and leader, he thinks what really matters is is whether he can influence the people around him through his enthusiasm for this industry and inspire them to unlock value together.

Yichao has bachelor and master degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with academic major in Computer Science.

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