A mission statement and string of best practices aren’t enough if you want to outperform competitors. 

CEOs need to capitalize on the areas within their organization that drive value creation, track their growth, and build out internal capabilities to sustain superior shareholder returns.

Our team has partnered with CEOs and their teams to understand where and why economic profit growth opportunities exist within their businesses and markets, and identify the practical changes to business models, resource allocation, and governance needed to realize these opportunities.

Together, we create a road map for enterprise-wide strategic and organizational change, building the capabilities and reinvestment advantages that sustain superior shareholder returns.

Our advantage lies in bringing the disciplines of the capital market inside a corporation, and enabling managers at all levels to grow the shareholder value contribution of their businesses.

The keys to a strong performance

Chief executives whose companies outperform their peers share our belief in five key principles:

  1. Establish the right definition of winning and measure of success.
  2. Capitalize on the fact that shareholder value is always highly concentrated.
  3. Manage to an explicit value growth agenda.
  4. Deploy differentiated strategies and resource allocation.
  5. Build the organizational conditions and capabilities to manage shareholder value growth.

These five tenets enabled our clients to sustain 150%+ higher total shareholder returns against industry peers over extended periods of time, and produced some of the more notable corporate transformations of the last two decades.

We know how to boost your company's performance—our track record speaks for itself.

Case studies