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Yuichiro Mitsutomi



Yuichiro is the Co-Head of Integrated Risk Management (IRM), Asia, an emerging discipline that brings together data analytics, behavioral science as well as risk and regulatory expertise to help clients approach an increasingly complex risk landscape.

He is a seasoned governance, risk and compliance expert with over 12 years' of financial services experience across digital transformation, program and leadership effectiveness, investigations and research roles in Washington D.C., Hong Kong and Tokyo. He specializes in partnering with global financial institutions and regulators on designing new human-centric approaches that make compliance and risk management programs more intuitive and outcomes-focused.

Yuichiro completed his graduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS - Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (Cert.), as well as the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs (M.A.). He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

光富 雄一郎


光富雄一郎 アジアにおける統合リスクマネジメント(IRM)の共同責任者。米国、日本、香港にて、12年以上にわたり、グローバルの金融機関のリスク・カルチャーの醸成やリスクマネジメントのデジタル変革をリードしてきた経験と、金融犯罪等の調査で得てきた知見を活かし、より成果重視でヒューマン・セントリックなリスク管理プログラムのデザインの研究と開発を主導。