We work across the fintech, banking, asset management, and insurance arenas to define and deliver on moments of opportunity.

Our team has executive-level experience in industry and deploys practical actions and proven levers to deliver results, fast. 

Melding expertise across M&A, risk, performance improvement, digital transformation, and turnaround work, we are configured for speed. Our experts have deep knowledge of the data and tech platforms that undergird financial services (FS) companies’ products and are attuned to the ways those components can be reworked to improve operational and financial performance. That means faster time-to-market and higher customer satisfaction.

FS firms are at the crux of evolution across industries and we know how to use that position to get our clients ahead. Our teams meet you where you are to monetize data, apply AI and machine-learning tools to operations, and identify redundancies, driving the efficiency of risk controls, rationalizing products, and focusing on shareholder returns.

Whether you need advisory services on financial modeling, risk diagnostics, data governance, or business architecture, we understand where disruptive forces intersect, and work in parallel with company leaders to finesse your institution for tomorrow’s competitive landscape.

How we can help


Digital disruption has changed the fundamentals of banking, and our team are equipped to tackle anachronistic cost structures and transform digital offerings. Our practice uses advanced analytics and tools to mitigate risk, improve the customer journey, and improve the cost base.


We recognize fintech’s transformative power as a driver of growth and its potential to be disruptive to the financial services industry. With a deep understanding of technology and finance, we support FS companies pioneer disruptive solutions that redefine the way financial services are delivered. At AlixPartners, we are committed to shaping the future of finance through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge solutions, and powerful industry insights.

Digital Assets

At AlixPartners, we understand regulatory challenges and have helped clients gain resiliency and better positioning to achieve sustainable performance improvement. Our team includes blockchain and digital assets experts who work across business strategy and operations, product and technology planning, forensic investigation, risk and regulatory compliance, court expert testimony, cybersecurity, and restructuring.

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Asset Owners

With a deep understanding of market dynamics and regulatory landscapes, we support clients in optimizing their investment strategies, enhancing operational efficiency, and navigating complexities in a rapidly evolving environment. From performance optimization and risk management to the integration of sustainable investing principles, our team leverages advanced analytics and industry expertise to drive operational and financial results.


Insurance companies face a myriad of challenges, including regulatory changes, economic uncertainty, and increased frequency of adverse weather. At AlixPartners, our team of professionals understand the pronounced effects these risk factors have on growth, and we have the hands-on experience to successfully navigate them. We help insurance companies improve decision-making and mitigate risks through structural operations design and transformation. We also help identify and integrate strategic partnerships or inorganic growth opportunities where it makes sense. 


As the web of regulatory challenges grows, companies can find themselves subject to increased oversight. AlixPartners serves as an independent monitor around the globe, working to ensure companies emerge from these engagements inured to all compliance challenges, with a strong core of integrity.

Quantum Analysis

The advent of quantum computing has exponentially raised the stakes for cyber risk. Our experts are able to test and assess tech platforms for vulnerabilities, and deploy safeguards and tech modernization programs to prepare institutions for the next era of digital innovation.

Global Screening Services

The complexity of cross-border sanctions requires a front-footed approach to screening and compliance. AlixPartners works with FS companies to implement advanced technologies to process the avalanche of data involved in global payments processing. The proprietary tools of Global Screening Services, incubated by AlixPartners, not only control for compliance, but set up institutions for cost-improvements and improved standards.

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