How we helped

Changes to the programmatic advertising landscape pushed many companies onto the back foot. Our client was a subsidiary of a Fortune 100 diversified media company with $340 million in revenue across several advertising technology platforms. The company faced competitive pressures and struggled to keep pace, finding itself displaced strategically with slowing revenue growth.

To address these challenges head-on, AlixPartners embedded with the client team to assess the $120 million in-scope cost base and identify opportunities to restructure the commercial and software engineering operating models.

Our team took steps to develop a transformation plan to accelerate and self-fund growth. Our strategic approach began with a bottom-up build of the commercial organization, consolidating functional teams and aligning workflows to enhance efficiency.

At the same time, we worked to create a holistic restructuring of the software engineering and product management operating model, resulting in over $12 million in run-rate efficiencies. Those savings enabled the client to reinvest in pivotal marketplace initiatives, fostering growth and innovation.

To manage and monitor all internal and external labor resources effectively, we deployed a full-scale total labor-management model, preventing savings leakage and ensuring optimal resource utilization. Through our collaborative work with the client, we identified run-rate savings of over $70 million.

This not only facilitated immediate operational improvements but also provided the financial foundation for sustained organizational and operational changes, reinforcing the client's ability to navigate the evolving landscape with resilience and agility.