When one of the world’s largest Chinese state-owned enterprises faced an investigation into allegations of unfair imports (a.k.a., Section 337) by the U.S. International Trade Commission, AlixPartners was called in to work with the company’s outside counsel and bolster the company’s response.  

To get a comprehensive read on operations, AlixPartners’ team performed parallel forensic imaging in multiple sites across China and processed a very large volume of collected data within a short time frame. Our team successfully managed a complex review workflow that included a preliminary review for state secrets, followed by a responsiveness review related to multiple allegations, including theft of trade secrets.  

Working inside China meant collaborating effectively with the company's in-house legal team and three outside counsel law firms from China and the U.S. to design an effective review strategy and workflow. In the end, armed with vital eDiscovery, we successfully armed counsel with critical information in support of the company’s position before the USITC.

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