A multinational bank came under fire for its handling of financial crime risks. The repercussions were severe: multi-million-dollar fines and intense regulatory oversight threatened the bank's reputation and bottom line.

The bank needed urgent assistance to overhaul its anti-financial crime function, streamline operations, and instill confidence among regulators and stakeholders. AlixPartners was selected as the strategic partner for this critical transformation.

We optimized staffing by evaluating the current structure, streamlining redundant roles, and strengthening key areas of expertise, ensuring better accountability and effectiveness. Additionally, AlixPartners recommended and supported the deployment of a multi-million-dollar risk management solution using advanced technologies. This fortified the bank's defenses against potential financial crimes.

With our expertise, the bank identified previously overlooked risks, ensuring that they were mitigated before causing any further detriment. Post-engagement, the bank not only met regulatory standards, but set a new industry benchmark in anti-financial crime processes, safeguarding its reputation and assets.

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