Growth was a problem, but beyond that there was the question of where to tack and how to position for the coming years as media looked past an era of profound disruption. A global media company faced competitive pressures across the value chain and needed vision on its legacy ad strategy. AlixPartners knew how to tackle the scope of the challenge.  

Our team designed three phases of a war-gaming engagement to conduct an in-depth market assessment and develop practical and realistic war-gaming scenarios based on dynamic competitive pressures.  

Developing tangible growth options by conducting rigorous workshops and leveraging our expertise in the media industry, we created 11 scenarios with strategic paths for the company to grow its business in a rapidly changing environment. 

Designing and executing commercial value acceleration based on these strategic decisions enabled the client to consolidate multiple business units into one commercial organization to streamline its go-to-market structure and improve sales efficiency.

The engagement delivered a commercial operating model that drove 15% revenue growth based on strategic decisions and a 10%-EBITDA improvement program to sustain the growth trajectory. In an era of media retrenchment, it was a proof of concept. 

“We chose AlixPartners because it’s the firm that can also provide tactical solutions in strategy work. We were glad to work with the team to shape our future together.”
—Chief Revenue Officer, Client

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