When a global human rights organization uncovered a document listing thousands of names of NS-related individuals, many of whom apparently had accounts transferred to a specific global financial institution, the financial institution and its external counsel retained AlixPartners to carry out an independent factual investigation.

We needed to determine whether the financial institution held accounts for the individuals named on the identified document or for other NS-related individuals named by the organization. AlixPartners was also asked to determine whether additional information on the nature, content, size, and other features of potentially identified relationships could be identified.

Our experts developed and implemented a robust, resilient process for identifying, collecting, processing, and assessing several million data points and documents, often with limited or incomplete information. This also included the identification and restoration of historical databases, the consolidation of numerous data sources, and the technical analysis of the data and documents for efficient and accurate result gathering – all in a forensically sound manner.

Led by a small number of very experienced senior professionals, the team successfully identified, retrieved, and processed more than 26 million documents from internal bank systems and archival data sources as well as relevant public sources. Many of the documents were created more than 80 years ago.

As there have been prior similar investigations by large consulting firms and historians, the team was able to benchmark their approach and investigation techniques, leading to extraordinary positive results. Further, the work of AlixPartners was tested by independent ombudspersons who complimented the work. The AlixPartners report was made available to the public and AlixPartners professionals presented the outcome to policymaking authorities.

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