How we helped

A large semiconductor company based in Singapore with global operations wanted to better understand its global data flows, and legal obligations regarding data storage and cross-border transfers.

In concert with outside legal counsel, AlixPartners assisted the company with a multi-pronged approach. We identified the intra-company data flows, and primary data stores, and how data flowed into and out of the company between customers, partners, and service providers. Additionally, we created and developed a matrix of data obligations for each jurisdiction, flagging potentially non-compliant data flows and identifying remediation measures to improve compliance. 

The outputs and deliverables of the project allowed the company to better understand the data it controlled, and quickly assess its compliance posture. With minor changes to how it was consolidating and transferring data in various regions, the company was able to quickly reduce its potential risk exposure and avoid potential fines and reputational damage.  

The company also identified several cost saving measures that resulted from the cleanup and disposition of outdated information that it no longer needed to hold. It was also left with a process for ongoing program improvement and a better understanding of the company's data assets to be leveraged in other initiatives such as cybersecurity, investigations and legal dispute discovery, and other areas of regulatory compliance. 

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