How we helped

The best way for a sports event company to expand its capabilities and gain market share was to acquire a sports technology company. First, though, the event company needed a full review of any red flags and vulnerabilities in the purchase.

AlixPartners performed a cybersecurity due diligence and subsequently an integration assessment to understand the red flags, costs, timeline, and initiative considerations in pursuing integration. Our team defined a prioritized, phased roadmap to cover 18 months of the integration effort and level-up to the company's standards.  

After the deal moved into the third phase, AlixPartners revisited the cybersecurity integration assessment to update integration planning and prepare for the needs of the transformation office. We defined the cybersecurity program workstream charters and delivery milestones, and created detailed day 1, day 100, and day 365 plans.

In the last phase, AlixPartners managed the transformation office and led the company and target through the merger integration effort, providing consistent oversight and direction for the cybersecurity program. The ideal exit for our team was to equip the parent company to fully integrate new properties and find great vendors for integration projects. When we left, things were lined up to hit that goal.

"Using AlixPartners' cybersecurity team was a game changer in uncovering security gaps and determining the valuation of a potential acquisition target."
—Chief Information Officer

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