Whether you face regulatory scrutiny, are in the middle of an investigation, or want to proactively get ahead of managing risks and evolving regulatory obligations, your company needs effective, risk-based safeguards in place.

At AlixPartners, we approach compliance and governance from a value-based perspective: ethical operations, tailored to your bespoke business model, that allow companies to grow sustainably.

At our core, we’re operational consultants that work at the intersection of big data sets and growing risk. We are driven by the necessity to reduce risk quickly. We design and operationalize risk and compliance programs, take on interim compliance officer roles, and serve as independent compliance consultants and monitors. We support companies by developing practical processes, supported by technology, to minimize risk. We also assess and help drive culture change to support ethical decision-making.  

Our team is equipped with advanced analytics and digital technologies to help evaluate compliance programs, identify gaps, and implement programs and remediation plans, offering a holistic approach to organizational governance and procedures.

How we can help

Anti-money Laundering & Financial Crimes Compliance

We have expertise in gap identification, benchmarking, and enhancement and implementation of both technological and policy-based controls, supported by advanced analytics. Our subject matter experts are able to assist with implementation of programs in the face of an evolving regulatory landscape.

We have experience as in-house compliance experts and can assist with fulfilling your chief AML and compliance officer requirements on an interim basis. The interim roles are supported by AlixPartners' Risk Advisory team and bring the capabilities of a full-service model.

Our team has deep experience drafting codes of conduct and enhancing management messaging to help corporate compliance programs become self-executing. We support management to see that ethical commitments get operationalized through an informed workforce, strong monitoring tools, and systems for continuous improvement.

When a firm is under an order to engage a monitor or needs an independent evaluation, our experience in these roles means that both the company and the regulator get what they need. Experts from the public and private sectors who have also served as monitors means efficient reviews, risk-based testing, and targeted evaluations.

Case studies

Independent Compliance Monitor for Global Financial Institution

AlixPartners was appointed as the independent monitor to conduct a comprehensive review of the BSA/AML and OFAC compliance program. This included developing an understanding of the compliance program, identifying recommendations to enhance the program, and providing oversight over the remediation actions. This also included reporting to multiple regulators and law enforcement agencies.

AML and anti-fraud compliance consultant for global bank

AlixPartners experts served as senior advisors to the global head of anti-financial crime and sanctions compliance. As part of the undertaking, AlixPartners conducted an organizational review and skills assessment to advise the global head with improved effectiveness of the overall anti-financial crimes function. Separately, AlixPartners risk advisory and data technologists were engaged to conduct an assessment of the AML technology landscape and implementation of enhancements to the client’s global AML monitoring program.


Meet the team

AlixPartners’ professionals work closely with several Academic Affiliates who bring deep subject matter expertise in niche areas of economics, financial accounting, and corporate governance. Learn more about our Academic Affiliates.