We provide expertise, objectivity, and credibility that stakeholders can rely on. 


We work with companies, law firms, investors, lenders and government agencies to measure, build, and protect value for businesses, securities, derivatives, contracts, and other assets and liabilities. Our expertise is often required to support transactions, financial reporting, regulatory action, and disputes.    

AlixPartners’ valuation professionals routinely provide expert testimony to courts around the world, as well as alternative dispute resolution venues, such as domestic and international arbitration hearings. Clients rely on our analyses to withstand the highest level of scrutiny when value is at risk.

How we can help

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures

We provide valuation and financial advisory services for buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders in connection with transactions across a breadth of industries. We work with clients and legal counsel to evaluate deal structure and related economics, and provide execution support throughout all stages of the transaction.

Financial Reporting

AlixPartners’ experts work with companies, their advisors, and their auditors to develop valuations that withstand regulatory scrutiny and provide a foundation for local GAAP and IFRS financial reporting needs. We assist companies in a variety of financial reporting situations, including fresh-start accounting, purchase price allocations, and in evaluating potential goodwill and intangible asset impairments. 

Tax Valuation

AlixPartners’ professionals have extensive experience assisting clients and their legal counsel in developing supportable valuations for tax purposes and assessing the implications of alternative tax structures. Our experts have defended valuations before a variety of tax and regulatory authorities in the US and abroad. 

Employee stock ownership programs (ESOP)

AlixPartners’ experts advise sellers, trustees, and their legal advisors on formation transactions, annual valuations, and the evaluation of strategic alternatives for ESOP transactions. We have defended valuations to the UK HMRC and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and have been retained by the DOL to assess transactions on behalf of ESOP participants. 

Bankruptcy & Workout

The AlixPartners name is synonymous with producing results for stressed and distressed companies and their stakeholders. Our extensive experience with the financial, legal, and business aspects of the restructuring environment are critical to our unique ability to advise clients regarding the value of troubled assets and related claims. Our valuation experts include seasoned bankruptcy professionals with extensive experience analyzing collateral value, conducting valuations for plan purposes, performing liquidation analyses, and establishing asset values for fresh-start accounting.

Intellectual Property & Intangible Assets

AlixPartners’ valuation professionals have significant experience developing and defending intellectual property valuations for financial reporting and regulatory purposes. We have been retained by multinational organizations and their advisors to assist in global transfer pricing agreements and in protecting such firms from claims that dominance allowed the generation of excess profits. 

Disputes & Expert Services

AlixPartners works with legal counsel and their clients to understand the facts, circumstances, and relevant contentious issues. We independently develop defensible valuation analyses by applying widely accepted valuation methodologies and through forensic review of case-specific, economic, financial, and industry information. Additionally, AlixPartners assists counsel in analyzing and critiquing opposing expert valuation analyses. 

Case studies

IP portfolio

Determined the fair market value of an intellectual property portfolio, including patented and unpatented technology, and the workforce of an autonomous vehicle company. The valuation was utilized to support a related party transaction and for antitrust purposes.

IP portfolio

Cloud banking platform

We prepared the valuation of an early-stage cloud-based core banking software platform for a funding round.

Cloud banking platform

PE valuation analyses

Our experts conducted valuation analyses and provided analytic support to a PE-owned company in connection with a dispute with its auditor over its initial purchase price allocation valuation analysis provided by another third party.

Debtor valuation

Working on behalf of the debtors in bankruptcy, we provided expert valuation analysis in support of plan confirmation and provided related testimony. In addition, on behalf of the independent directors of the debtors, we conducted forensic and solvency analysis to evaluate certain potential claims that were subject to releases under the reorganization plan.

Pharma acquisition

We were engaged by a prospective acquirer to provide strategic valuation advice related to a potential transaction in the pharmaceutical industry. We provided real-time analysis that supported the business case provided to the board. Subsequent to the acquisition, our team prepared valuation analysis of the target's foreign subsidiaries and intangible assets including trademarks, patents, and IPR&D for financial reporting and tax purposes.

Chemical dispute

In a minority shareholder dispute of a specialty chemical company, surrounding an incremental financing round, a lawsuit was filed in Delaware Chancery Court by a minority shareholder to challenge the valuation applied by the board of directors. AlixPartners was retained to assess the reasonableness of the valuation. Applying the valuation standards dictated by the relevant shareholder agreement, using accepted valuation practices, AlixPartners conducted an independent valuation and prepared an expert report to memorialize its findings.

Meet the team

AlixPartners’ professionals work closely with several Academic Affiliates who bring deep subject matter expertise in niche areas of economics, financial accounting, and corporate governance. Learn more about our Academic Affiliates.