QuickStrike® is our fast, effective methodology that identifies the issues affecting a company’s performance, reviews the available options, and plans the solution—in a matter of weeks. In a QuickStrike®, we work closely with management of both performing and underperforming companies to bring clarity, confidence, and speed to results in a variety of situations.

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QuickStrike® can be used in a variety of situations...

  • Companies in industries that have undergone significant structural changes
  • Companies seeing major erosions in sales levels and/or margins
  • Well-performing companies that have grown stagnant or complacent
  • Underperforming companies that have structural, management, or organizational issues
  • Highly leveraged companies straining to meet debt obligations
  • Divisions/subsidiaries that are cash drains on their parent companies
  • Unrealized synergies in rollups and mergers

...to define and accelerate a path to results

  • Create a clear pathway to success that highlights what levers to pull and when
  • Target the most effective ways to improve profitability and liquidity
  • Ensure a holistic approach that limits duplicating work and covers all areas of the business
  • Enable immediate action on quick wins, creating positive momentum that builds on early successes
  • Prepare for implementation with clear recommendations on what capabilities will be required
  • Develop a roadmap for sustainable organizational change

The AlixPartners QuickStrike® process is guided by a set of pragmatic principles to drive speed and create buy-in

Build on your strengths

We build on existing good ideas and company successes, and we focus on impact—not credit

Work as partners

We take input and combine it with rigorous analytics to develop strawmen and hypotheses for reaction

Create buy-in

We work closely with you to develop recommendations jointly and to transfer knowledge and skills

Walk in your shoes

We make practical recommendations, together with those responsible for implementing them

Do we have the capability and experience to help you? Yes.

For over 40 years, we have helped companies and their stakeholders around the world harness opportunity, overcome challenges, and achieve outsized outcomes.

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