The magnitude, frequency, and sheer cost of security breaches is increasing. 

In a rapidly evolving digital environment, companies know that digitization is key to success, while at the same time, adversaries are growing in number and sophistication, escalating the threat level.

Without a holistic cybersecurity focus at all levels of an organization, your success—and reputation—is at risk. 

Despite significant investments in cyber-protection technologies, many organizations are seeing poor ROI for those outlays, as solutions often focus on protecting discrete IT systems rather than an organization’s overarching business success factors.  

AlixPartners helps organizations build strong cyber resilience that is focused on protecting and increasing corporate value, not just technology. We partner with C-suite executives, boards, and technology and legal teams to respond quickly when assets are threatened or breached, comply with regulations, and design and execute a fortified cyber defense—empowering companies with the confidence to leverage the best of technology, and focus on growth.  

In private equity, we act as a trusted partner of investors and owners through all stages of the investment life cycle, delivering measurable results to help investors quantify and accurately reflect cyber risk in the investment theses. Additionally, we serve as advisors, assisting in improving performance and managing turnarounds of investments in the cyber industry.   

For law firms and legal counsel, we are a proven, trusted partner through highly complex challenges in litigation, regulatory, investigation, cybersecurity, and privacy, with an experienced cyber-forensic team grounded in practices used by the FBI cyber-crime investigation unit.   

Our global team has decades of executive leadership experience in the cyber industry. We are comprised of industry specialists, former in-house chief information security officers (CISOs), senior FBI and IRS officials, digital forensics experts, and software and network engineers, with a network of partners including CrowdStrike, Palantir, Cloud Defense, and Microsoft. 

In every situation, our deep, real-world industry and legal experience enables rapid, practical and efficient action. We combine this with our core DNA of expertise in maximizing corporate value and optimizing growth, aiding clients when it really matters.

How we can help


Evaluate capabilities, risks, and exposures.


Align to internal and external requirements.


Harness and secure innovative emerging technologies.


Achieve cyber maturity and transformation goals.


Provide board advisory and interim leadership solutions.


Provide post-incident response and investigation services.

Case studies