Navigating a sea of disruption

The driving force of the economy is changing. Driven by a growing range of technological and other forces, the pace of disruption has accelerated, and its impact has magnified. It is today the primary strategic challenge confronting business and society as a whole.

Five unique but interrelated themes emerged from our research as the main drivers of disruption across industries:

  1. Connectivity: Technology connecting people and processes accelerates the pace of disruption.
  2. Self-centrism: Connective technologies empower individuals, change consumer behaviors, and raise the bar for business.
  3. Uncertainty: Individuals are empowered, but they are also overwhelmed by a deluge of data, opinions, products, and services.
  4. Environmental awareness: Evidence of environmental pressures mounts, raising concerns among the general population and impacting consumer behavior.
  5. Populism: Rising populist politics and policies create an unstable geopolitical and business environment.

AlixPartners Disruption Insights identifies strategic priorities and tactics that successful businesses are employing to survive—and thrive—in the midst of ongoing disruption cycles.

Download our findings report for key actions that successful businesses are pursuing.

Insights from industry data

Examining disruption across industries uncovers learnings from which all businesses can benefit. In a world where the pace of disruption continues to accelerate, leaders must take note.

Disruption is the new economic driver

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