Disruption is almost always unexpected. But disruptive forces are often foreseeable.

In today’s world, it’s not any one, single challenge facing business leaders. We live in a world of constant and accelerating change. The unknown and unexpected have become routine. Lightning-fast crises—be they a supply chain disruption, an extreme weather event, or an outbreak of war—meld with longer-term secular changes that are rapidly reaching a tipping point

This environment is transforming how (and how quickly) businesses win and lose. It presents challenges and opportunities in equal measure. The winners will be the ones who mitigate those risks and seize upon the opportunities in time.

For the second year in a row, the Disruption Index is down overall; however, factors outside of executives’ control are increasingly setting the agenda. Our latest 2024 AlixPartners Disruption Index provides even more perspective on companies’ most pressing challenges and, most importantly, greater insight into what best-in-class leaders are doing to meet them.

Disruption is the new economic driver. See how executives can capitalize on its opportunities and mitigate its risks. Click here to learn more about how AlixPartners can help your business navigate the age of disruption.

AlixPartners Disruption Index

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