AlixPartners' 2020 AML and Sanctions Compliance Survey polled senior executive decision-makers at financial institutions, external legal counsel, investors, and investment advisors to understand the current challenges faced by financial institutions and what steps are being taken to address and enhance the effectiveness of compliance programs.

At a glance:

  • Investors are taking a stronger view of AML and Sanctions compliance.
  • Financial institutions are evaluating creative solutions to solve financial crime challenges that have existed for years, including those that relate to transaction monitoring and filtering and KYC. These are also the top areas of investment, according to our respondents.
  • The focus on a strong culture of compliance is growing. 80% of respondents think a culture of compliance is high on senior management’s agenda, but only 65% believe their compliance culture is adequate.

"I would like to feel that my investments are safe without the risk of regulatory intervention as a result of non-compliance by the financial institution."

-Survey respondent on the importance of AML and Sanctions compliance