A mindset shift from reactive response to proactive inflation management

Entering 2023 with inflation at historical highs in many regions, businesses face increasing pressure in effectively managing direct and indirect costs, margins, pricing, and customer sentiment and loyalty as a result.

Even in scenarios beyond the peak of inflationary rises, into a position of plateau or deflation, the central imperative of proactive management applies. Inflation forecasting, associated risk management and mitigation measures must form an integral part of business planning – used proactively and continuously updated.

To succeed, businesses need to shift from reactive responses to proactive management, focusing on building agility and resilience into their operations. By doing so, they can not only navigate inflationary volatility but also prepare for future economic disruptions.

Below, you can discover more insights from our experts on how leadership teams can respond to inflationary volatility and set stronger foundations for further economic disruption as it arises.

Consumer Products: 2024 Cost Inflation Outlook

As we head into 2024, AlixPartners’ annual Cost Inflation Outlook presents a fresh set of market perspectives, predictions, and expert insights for Consumer Products companies. In this edition, we provide market context, by sharing summary insights from AlixPartners’ consumer spending surveys for 2023 and 2024, and partner with leading market intelligence experts ChAI to explore global, AI-powered cost forecasts for the year ahead.

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