In this day and age, when constant change is simply the norm and the relative predictability of economic cycles is increasingly giving way to a consistently erratic oscillation of disruption, the need for strong leadership in the boardroom has never been greater.

CEOs and their most senior colleagues who stick it out and succeed beyond the regular four-year cycle are likely to represent the bravest and boldest in the business. Given the pace of change, now—more than any other time—executives are acknowledging how hard it is to effect measurable and sustainable business change, beyond the initial development of a strategy in the boardroom.

The cultures of organizations and associated structures built over many years are institutionally resistant to significant change. However, if you fail to meet the challenge of disruption and its impact on performance head-on, others will come calling demanding that you do, or usurp your organization’s market position. 


We produced a 2019 review to prepare board and corporate leaders for the coming year by highlighting our firm experts and their insights from across our many industry and service areas. 2020 will no doubt deliver further disruption, once again putting to the test the UK’s business leaders’ ability to do the right things at the right times. For many, the decisions taken at those increasingly critical when it really matterssm moments will be key to success or, indeed, survival.

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