Can businesses transform without a crisis? Yes. Humans can, too

July 9, 2019
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The healthiest companies do not wait around for a crisis to dictate how they must transform.

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with a doctor – and not as his patient. As well as a celebrated physician, Dr. John Noseworthy served for 9 years as chief executive of the Mayo Clinic. So instead of talking about healthy living, we spoke mostly about the health of organizations.

There are many similarities between the way a doctor treats a patient and the work a firm like AlixPartners does to help businesses stay healthy. One way is by taking the time to understand the whole patient, looking beyond just the symptoms to get to the root cause of an issue. In my field, this can mean being called in to help rethink working capital management, and then discovering that the issue actually is an underlying problem with the operating model which could derail the whole business if urgent action is not taken.

With new technologies abounding and shifting geopolitics, disruption is everywhere. AlixPartners CEO Simon Freakley discusses how threats and opportunities in business can often come from unlikely sources in his latest LinkedIn Pulse article.

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