As countries coordinate enforcement, extend your risk management reach

July 2, 2018
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In this month’s Corporate Counsel Business Journal (CCBJ), Meaghan Schmidt offers insight into effective risk management programs as anti-corruption enforcement remains a priority in the US and globally.

CCBJ: What are some of the current DOJ and SEC enforcement priorities that general counsel should be aware of, and how are you seeing investigations play out?

Meaghan Schmidt: While the headlines recently have been centered on cryptocurrencies and protecting retail investors, we see the DOJ and the SEC continuing to prioritize anti-corruption enforcement, and I think that trend will continue. Related to maintaining their focus on anti-corruption, the DOJ and the SEC continue to cooperate and work with other countries as many of those increase their enforcement efforts, and I think that’s a trend that will also continue. Certainly, this cross-border coordination has been transformative to date, and I think that as more and more countries step up their enforcement game, this will continue to be an important area.

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