Digital transformation: a view across industries

March 2016
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Businesses all industries can benefit from digital transformation. Analytics can help them to better understand and serve customers. Access to real-time information leads to smarter decision-making. Automation enables them to increase efficiency. But industries vary in their digital transformation maturity rates.

At a glance

  • Automakers have revolutionized manufacturing by using robots, while airlines have mastered pricing around real-time knowledge of supply and demand.
  • Retailers with strong digital capabilities have created seamless omnichannel environments, but consumer banking is struggling to move to a digital footing.
  • Healthcare has transformed through electronic health records, digital tools that track patients’ vital signs, and virtual consultations between doctors and patients. Meanwhile, automation has slashed insurance companies’ underwriting and claims-processing costs.
  • Manufacturers in every industry could improve operating performance, product quality, and supply chain transparency—if companies redesign processes and train workers to operate in the digital world.

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