Telecom tower owners and prospective investors are gearing up for a frantic period of deal-making in a European market full of opportunity. As activity heats up, AlixPartners has identified that a potential $20bn in asset deals could be on the table in the next 12-24 months. But how do investors and divestors alike get the most value from these deals?

In stagnating markets, where growth is limited and sometimes non-existent, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are finding their cashflow under growing pressure. This is exacerbated by telcos being pushed to increase the speed and reach of fiber deployments, and find vast sums for new spectrum investment. With revenue increasingly de-coupled from costs, telcos need to think differently.

MNOs, TowerCos and investors need to deliver on the value promise that towers present. But it’s far from easy, and each group must overcome a variety of strategic, competitive, technical and financial considerations to develop their towers’ business case and navigate the operational challenges to deliver on that promise.

The AlixPartners Approach

It is a prime time in the telecom towers market for divestors and investors. AlixPartners works with MNOs, TowerCos and PEs throughout the lifecycle of divestment, from opportunity assessment through to real value creation. We can help:

  • Access an international network of investors, entrepreneurs, companies and finance providers
  • Generate deal flow through target identification and screening
  • M&A lead advisory/debt advisory/valuations
  • Complex integration/carve-out support
  • Operational and IT due diligence
  • Sale process preparation and exit readiness
  • Support business through its development, including operational, organization and strategy support
  • Quick start following acquisition