There are many amazing digital technologies available to business organizations today, however, many companies still struggle to take advantage of these technologies and understand the vast amounts of data that flow through their systems every working day. These companieslagging in business intelligence measuresare under intense pressure to learn to harness that data, translate it into meaningful insights, and use those insights to run their businesses.

When compared to companies that have learned to use key information from their business intelligence (BI) systems, the BI-savvy companies deliver increased sales and profits. Relying on a single undisputed source of decision data, those digital high performers focus on a few critical metrics that give real-time feedback to decision-makers. In effect, they are putting into practice a way of organizing and operating their business that we call "Metrics to Results".

A successful Metrics to Results operating method is organized through integrated business management cycles that feature clear inputs, outputs, and accountabilities. Download the PDF below to learn more about these crucial Key Performance Indicators and how they can help your business operate more effectively.