Global economic uncertainty opens a raft of opportunities for distressed investors

November 18, 2016
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In Europe, financial volatility and uncertainty will present distressed investors with new opportunities. Though distressed investing in Europe isn’t new, potent forces have combined to make the landscape more complex than ever. To seize the opportunities, investors must understand the potential upsides and pitfalls, so they can navigate that landscape strategically.

At a glance

  • Multiple forces—Brexit, anemic economic growth, a slowdown in demand from China—have amplified uncertainty in the Eurozone and complicated the investment landscape.  
  • A new wave of distressed opportunities could emerge if private funds, eager to deploy large pools of capital, stretch leverage to unsustainable levels—and borrower distress follows.
  • No two distressed investment opportunities are alike—so investors need situational and jurisdictional expertise, plus advice from senior professionals, to evaluate opportunities and navigate investment deals.