"Companies in search of funding for their growth initiatives too often overlook their fixed asset footprint, which can generate sustained value through rightsizing."

Rightsizing your company’s physical footprint can lay the foundation for less complexity, better access to new markets, higher service levels, and improved capital management—while shaving as much as 15% off recurring costs.

Many senior executives equate rightsizing initiatives with increased lead times, greater distance from customers, and reduced service levels. But companies that make smart choices about which SKUs to prioritize, which capacities to develop, and what inventory to maximize can right-size their physical footprint while actually increasing service levels.

  • Fewer distribution points add up to simplified, more effective management and better service.
  • Concentrated inventories enable companies to improve fulfillment rates and reduce stock-outs.
  • Agile deployment of third-party logistics providers can make distance from the customer a far less pressing concern than it once was.