The five key elements of a world-class treasury department

May 10, 2016
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What sets a great treasury department apart from a merely competent one? Above all, it’s the ability to eliminate surprises involving cash. A world-class treasury organization knows precisely the business’s current situation and sees clearly what’s coming down the road.

At a glance

  • Top-performing treasury groups are proactive—they constantly and accurately anticipate the business’s cash needs.
  • They demand accountability for every dollar flowing in or out of the company, creating a cash-centric organizational mindset.
  • They also provide focused, relevant reporting for cash users and communicate effectively with operating executives.
  • World-class treasury departments don’t need cutting-edge technology, but they do need systems that can automate routine tasks, easily circulate information among accounting and other financial departments, and rigorously measure performance.
  • Finally, great treasury departments are adaptable, constantly evaluating and adjusting to the business’s current and future needs.

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