When the stakes are high . . .

. . . trustworthy leaders matter more than ever

During any crisis—including pandemics and widespread social unrest—the stakes are high, and the future is uncertain. More than ever, people want to know that their leaders have the skills and personal attributes needed to usher the organization to safety. And they need to know that their leaders can keep driving positive change long after the crisis eases.

In short, people want leaders they can trust. When they’ve given a leader their trust, everyone wins. They’re more likely to support their leader’s decisions, help implement those decisions, and give their best on the job. Result? The company stands a greater chance of achieving—and sustaining—large-scale changes essential for transitioning out of crisis and thriving in the long term.

Without trust, everyone loses. People question the intent behind their leader’s decisions. They attack the leader’s methods. And they don’t support the outcomes of the leader’s decisions—even those that may be good for the organization.

What AlixPartners analysis indicates: Our assessment of transformative leaders operating under real crisis conditions suggests that leaders can quickly earn and sustain others’ trust by mastering two core tenets:

  • Transparency—letting others know how you arrived at your decisions (including what information and principles you drew on), and telling the whole truth about the challenges facing your organization and its people.
  • Integrity—being your authentic self, empathizing with others, communicating your decisions in plain language, conveying your beliefs and values, and following through on promises and commitments.