With digital advances offering even more ways to reach customers, Singles’ Day remains one of the most important events in China’s retail calendar. But with the US-China trade war leaving ripples, and broader economic disruption taking effect, what can businesses expect to accomplish by taking part in China’s largest online sale event this year?

As we did in 2018, AlixPartners has surveyed Chinese consumers to find out their attitudes and buying preferences regarding this important event. Here, we preview the consumer perceptions and behaviors that will shape this enormous sales extravaganza.

Four key trends became apparent, all of which are examined in detail in our report.

  1. Participation: still growing strong
    As it celebrates its 11th year, the 2019 Singles’ Day 11.11 sale is expected to continue its growth trajectory, even as increasing numbers of consumers opt not to participate in the event
  2. Preferences: trade war causes conflict
    Sales of foreign, non-US brands are expected to grow, but the trade war will impact US brands’ sales specifically
  3. Products: some familiar favorites
    Consumer categories favor apparel, beauty and electronics – but demographics show interesting individual purchase intents
  4. Promotion: a growing stage for social and live streaming
    Targeted e-coupons and banners still work, but new product launches and live streaming will heavily influence traffic and sales

"Consumers are no longer looking for out-of-style discount goods, but instead they expect new, relevant, quality products at a low price and good service – and they want to be entertained."

-Michael McCool, Managing Director, AlixPartners

Our survey results indicate that Singles’ Day will continue to grow and be even bigger than last year. Brands are frequently assessed by their success in this event, so they can’t afford to miss out on a substantial sales drive. Download our report for more in-depth analysis.

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