In March 2020, I was sitting at a makeshift desk, in our spare bedroom, feeling grateful to have an extra room to work in, but worried.

At that point, I wasn’t worried so much about the COVID-19 virus, I was worried about the impact that all of us working from home would have on us being able to continue to drive forward our ESG progress.

We had worked so hard over the past five years on deepening how we practiced inclusion at the firm, and in our relationship with society.

I was worried that could all be overtaken and pushed aside as we all worked to manage our own and our clients’ situations.

But I should have known that we are people that others can count on. When it really matters.

When the challenge seemed bigger than any we had collectively faced before, our people started simply by asking, “What can I do?” For colleagues? For people in my community who are less fortunate than we are? For the environment?”

This video brings to life what we have achieved in the last 18 months by working together and innovating, bringing long-term positive impact, and profound change.

As we look to the future, the collective power of our people will shape what we do and define a shared set of value-contribution metrics - with each other, with our clients, and with our community partners in society.

This coming year is another important year for the world. Not to retrench. To consider the changed needs and expectations of the people and the world around us. To keep our focus on looking out - problem-solving, achieving, changing the outcome, together.