Cindy works with brave and purpose-driven leaders to ignite interest and perspective on a higher purpose, building shared momentum around actions that are important for those individuals, across stakeholder groups, and for a sustainable planet. She is AlixPartners’ Head of Social Responsibility, the Ambassador Chair for Included, and UK Country Chair and Chair of the Global Board Operating Committee for the NGO Global Dignity.

She has led global, regional, national, and local community teams through important transition and growth phases. An innate connector, she is always listening and thinking about what drives people and how we can achieve bold goals together.

Through collective focus and action, Cindy believes we can achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She is an active participant in the World Economic Forum, including the Uplink Climate Justice Innovation Challenge, Race Justice in Business Partnership, Faith in Action, and the Global Future Councils on the New Agenda for Equity and Social Justice and Systemic Inequalities and Social Cohesion.