With our focus on tangible action following Davos, AlixPartners hosted Progressing Impact: Harnessing Data & Building Trust, where our colleagues and guests shared stories of impact and solutions around using AI for good. The event was hosted by AlixPartners’ Tim Roberts, UK Country Co-Leader, and Cindy Godwin, Head of Social Responsibility, and included perspectives from Rob Hornby, Head of AlixPartners EMEA, Harvinder Channa, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Sabine Zink Bolonhini, CEO of SAS Brasil, and Jeff Schumacher, Founder and CEO of NAX Group.

Access to healthcare

In a world where 2 billion people struggle to afford healthcare, Brazil has 65 million people – over 30% of its population – without proper access to a health specialist. Sabine Zink Bolonhini shared SAS Brasil’s approach to reshaping health access by pioneering innovative, impactful, inclusive health solutions that boost access and revenue while reducing costs. SAS Brasil utilizes a cutting-edge, AI-driven telemedicine concept to reach over 2 million users, and aims to scale up to 10 million in 2 years. With 35 million tons of CO² emissions at stake in Brazil, telemedicine prevents unnecessary patient travel – each digital consultation contributes to a greener planet.

Value creation

Jeff Schumacher shared insights into how to leverage technology to drive ESG benefits, stressing the importance of ESG-focused value creation opportunities. Since 2018, NAX has harnessed the power of AI to build multiple platforms that create value across the environmental, societal, and governance aspects of the arts, agricultural, and insurance sectors, to name a few.

Responsible business and AI

Rob Hornby discussed the true meaning of AI and how it can be used to drive employee power and organizational influence on social change. AI can be an essential tool in responsible business practices, creating a transparent, consistent, and accountable work environment. It also can bolster understanding of workplace data to build structures that lead to positive outcomes.

Influence of data

Harvinder Channa explored the importance of data and its role in building trust with employees, supporting career growth and business success for future generations.   

The conversation demonstrated that where ESG and AI intersect, there is tangible opportunity to enhance societal and business operations.