At the forefront of the media and entertainment industry’s evolution, digital advancements and economic shifts are challenging established business paradigms.

From the enduring significance of distribution partnerships to the disruptive force of advertising, traditional principles are being recalibrated to align with evolving consumer preferences. Amidst this dynamic landscape, the pivotal role of generative AI emerges, shaping the contours of tomorrow’s media landscape. Those businesses that come out on top will bypass the noise and harness technology in a way that incorporates lessons learned from the past.

Catch up on the opening keynote and presentation from the MIPTV Spring International Television Market 2024, given by AlixPartners Partner & Managing Director Mark Endemano.


Bundling booms amid streaming chaos, promising savings, complexity, and strategic challenges.


Windowing return: Studios embrace pragmatism, striking deals beyond their walled gardens.


Streaming landscape: diverse leaders but oversaturation questions sustainability.


Ad world upheaval: from broadcast to social, now streaming hybrids and revived linear TV.

Next Hits

TV's changing landscape: fewer hits, more short-form, and solitary viewing challenge creators.


AI's transformative potential in content creation, yet challenges remain: jobs, creativity, legality, and compute power.

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