Jeff Goldstein is Co-Head of the Americas Media & Entertainment Practice at AlixPartners. Leveraging over two decades of management consulting expertise, Jeff is at the forefront of driving holistic operating income improvement programs, with a specific focus on business transformation    for global media and technology clients.

Jeff is renowned for driving structural changes that eliminate complexity and help publishers, content creators and distributors, and marketing, advertising, and creative agencies adapt to market disruption. His approach involves quickly understanding client organizations, defining actionable strategies, and executing tactical, structural, and transformational measures, delivering substantial return on investment.

Jeff has been a trailblazer in his field throughout his career. He founded and co-authors AlixPartners’ Annual Media & Entertainment Predictions Report, which has been covered on CNBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, and Variety . Jeff also co-invented AlixPartners' proprietary Radial Total Labor Analyzer  —an innovative platform that provides groundbreaking organizational visualization for numerous clients worldwide. Jeff's strategic vision, combined with his innovative tools and data-rich solutions, consistently delivers tangible results, establishing him as a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.

Legacy media businesses with broadcasters, publishers, and traditional advertising channels historically extracted a significant share of value from media profit chains, but now they must adapt to this evolving ecosystem to survive

AlixPartners 2024 Media & Entertainment Industry Predictions Report

Key Engagements and Career Highlights

  • Media & Entertainment
    • Orchestrated a multi-year transformational savings program for a premier global media and entertainment company, leading 250 initiatives to achieve $300 million in savings across organizational effectiveness, sourcing, and technology services.
    • Established a business transformation office for a $10-billion media and entertainment company, instilling role accountability, creating tools, and implementing processes while interviewing all new hires.
    • Created and implemented clean sheet optimization initiatives for a $2B content creation company formed following simultaneous carve outs of two business units representing 40% of revenue
    • Implemented a business simplification program for a $400-million advertising technology company, identifying over $50 million in savings to reinvest in growth strategies.
    • Conducted due diligence on potential synergies for a proposed $25 billion media and entertainment company.
    • Developed a brand and licensing growth strategy for a $500 million animation content creator.
  • Technology
    • Spearheaded the transformation of reporting and business intelligence into a global center of excellence at a $50-billion technology company, saving $40 million through work elimination, offshoring, and renegotiations with third-party suppliers.
    • Crafted a multi-year value creation program for a $2-billion healthcare software provider, driving margin improvement across customer profitability, operating model, go-to-market, and Professional Services operations.
    • Launched post-transaction synergy program for industry-defining merger; provided expertise across 10+ synergy teams; identified and drove executive decisions on $200M+ of Facilities synergies