What can any company learn from born-digital approaches?

Born-digital companies—those fountains of innovation capitalizing on exploding technological and analytical capabilities—have transformed industry after industry. They often seem more destined for ongoing success than their born-traditional counterparts (companies arising from the Industrial Age’s pre-Internet economy). But as our born-digital study shows, many are evolving in self-destructive ways.

We set out to diagnose the problem, identify solutions, and consider what both types of companies can learn from each other—which is a lot. And we used our findings to develop diagnostic tools that help each type swiftly spot their weaknesses and craft strategies for avoiding costly missteps and catching up quickly.

Insights from this study will help any company—whether born-digital or born-traditional—position itself for stronger and more sustainable growth. Continue on to view all insights from the company study, or download the AlixPartners Born-Digital Compendium for the full collection of study insights.

The Power of AI: Lessons from Stanley Black & Decker

In this series on “The Power of AI,” AlixPartners Managing Directors Angela Zutavern and Abhinav Agrawal sit down with Stanley Black & Decker Chief AI officer, Mukesh Dalal, and discuss the many ways AI is impacting business and the lessons that can be learned from the 2021 Fortune Brainstorm AI Conference.

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