Part of our heritage

Since our founding, AlixPartners has been committed to the transparency and progress of its leadership accountability and processes. 

Core to who we are, we hire and develops top talent who follow excellent ethical standards. Each day, we advise companies on ways to strengthen their own governance and business practices. That's why we view championing our own as paramount. 

Firm protocols

Our firm operates with a zero-tolerance policy for practices that are unethical or corrupt. We are vigilant in ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations, and provide up-to-date, required training for our people every year.

Our governance commitments cover:

  • Ethics and anti-corruption
  • Client selection
  • Procurement and supplier diversity
  • Data privacy and information security
  • Identifying compensation gaps
  • Modern slavery



CORE Training

We work to know and comply dutifully with the laws and regulations present where we operate as a global firm. Beyond our legal staff and regulatory experts, we also make sure to train each person at the firm on a regular basis.

Everyone at AlixPartners is required to complete annual Compliance and Organizational Readiness and Effectiveness (CORE) Training, which covers topics such as IT and cyber security, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-harassment and discrimination, data privacy, diversity and inclusion, environmental social governance, and international business obligations.

Each year, upon 100% completion of CORE Training, our offices celebrate by donating funds to local organizations across the communities we work in.



Annual Reporting

As we continue to progress our shared vision for excellent governance and responsible business practices, we solicit feedback from our various stakeholders to evolve our understanding of the firm's material topics.

Learn more about what we hear in our Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Analysis.

Read our latest Annual Report