Across our engagements, we help clients assess and improve their environmental impact, and comply with emerging regulatory frameworks, such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

As a firm known for deep expertise, we have prioritized the development of specialized teams to address carbon reduction, environmental resource management, energy transition, and other pressing climate challenges.

Our growing list of ESG offerings

  • Should-Carbon™
  • Sustainable Supplier Program & Scope 3 Carbon Reduction Model
  • Carbon Cost Rationalization
  • ESG Due Diligence
  • ESG QuickStrike®
  • Diversity Spend X-Ray

Case studies

Designing a leading technology company’s journey to Net Zero by 2030

A robust, cross-functional AlixPartners team blended their expertise and relationships to implement our proprietary Scope 3 Carbon Emissions Reduction Model, leading to between $7 and -$13 million in annual savings for our client. Paired with a multi-category Sustainable Supplier Program and a dashboard for reporting and regular monitoring, the company is on track to meet their 2030 Net Zero goal.


Where the E & G meet in ESG

AlixPartners helped one of the world’s largest leisure and hospitality companies to complete a 5-year environmental compliance monitorship, and provided assessment and improvement recommendations across the company’s risk management, technical compliance, and sustainability functions. For the latter, AlixPartners identified areas for additional measurement and reporting to provide a more cohesive ESG footprint and proactive risk management across the organization.

Helping our clients better detect high-risk trade

AlixPartners works across sectors to protect trade corridors from professional money laundering syndicates and other organized crime groups. In one instance, our Risk Advisory team used data analytics, paired with strong partnership across government agencies, to identify over $1 billion per annum in potentially mis-invoiced trade. This work continues to generate new operational insights that allow custom agencies, law enforcement and other private sector partners to protect their businesses from high-risk operators in a post-import environment.